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Avoid Damage To Your Furniture – Pack Smart

When it comes to moving, one of the main concerns is how to move your furniture safely and avoid damage. Without taking the proper precautions, upholstery can get ripped; glass can break and wood furniture can get gouged.

The good news is with a few easy steps and using a professional house removals company, you can move your furniture without worrying about damage. These tips can work if you’re relocating furniture to storage or moving into a new house.

Gather Up Supplies

At first glance, you may be thinking you just need a couple of cardboard boxes, blankets and tape to protect your belongings. This will work, but it’s worth investing in a couple other supplies to make sure the relocation is damage-free. You can pick up these supplies at a local hardware store:

• Plastic stretch wrap
• Packing tape
• Packing Boxes
• Bubble wrap
• Sealable plastic bags
• Sofa and mattress covers
• Corrugated cardboard sheets

The First Step

Before you start packing and before the house removals company in Peterborough arrive, thoroughly dust and clean your furniture. Dust tends to scratch hard surfaces when the furniture is being moved. Cleaning before moving also means your furniture arrives clean and fresh at your new home. Take off any casters, pulls and knobs from the furniture, too and take out drawers from desks and pack them separately.

Dismantling Furniture

Wherever possible, be sure to dismantle furniture. Take legs off sofas and tables and take apart bed frames. Pack cushions separately. This makes the items much easier to move and can help to prevent damage that could otherwise be caused by brushing against door frames and walls.

Keep the following in mind:

• If an item of furniture has quite a few pieces, use a marker and masking tape to make note of where each piece goes.

• Use an owner’s manual to help dismantle furniture the right way.

• Put screws into sealable plastic bags and tape the bags to the item so that everything stays together.

Get Wrapping

Plastic sheeting and bubble wrap are you best friends when safely moving furniture. The bubble wrap will protect your delicate pieces and the plastic wrap or even plastic sofa covers will protect upholstery when using a house removals company. Corrugated cardboard sheets placed between wooden items will give extra protection and prevent pieces from getting scratched in transit.

Bubble wrap can also be used to protect mirrors and glass tops. It’s a good tip to tape a big “X” on the glass first so if it should break, it is a lot less likely to shatter.

Consider Where Everything Goes

How the items are placed in the removals truck is just as important and requires planning, especially if you’re loading the truck yourself.

• Create a wall of boxes along the back of the truck. Make sure the boxes are the same size and tightly sealed and packed so that they don’t slip during transit. Heavier boxes that don’t contain fragile possessions are ideal for this part of the truck and will give extra stability.

• Next, load square furniture like desks and dressing tables. Place them right against the wall of boxes and pack blankets in between the items.

• Next, move in the mattresses. Remember to put a blanket on the floor to protect them from dirt, even if you have wrapped your mattresses.

• Be extra careful with your upholstered furniture. Secure the items together with rope, hooking the rope to the hooks in the truck. Carefully choose items to pack around the furniture. Even if you remembered to wrap the upholstered bits, it’s always a good idea to pack blankets around for extra safety.

Moving doesn’t have to be so stressful especially if you use a professional house removals company Peterborough.

Take the stress out of the entire event by securing and packing your furniture with these tips. It will help ensure that your possessions arrive damage-free and clean at your new home.