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Why Antarctica Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Want to try something different for your next vacation? How about a trip to Antarctica? Antarctica is one of the most remote places on Earth. It is a very special place that holds much importance to the scientific community. It has been called "a laboratory for the earth" and is one of only seven places where scientists can conduct research on the planet. We may have heard of Antarctica as a spot for scientists. However, the continent is also a popular spot for tourism and travel. It boasts of rich natural beauty, spectacular scenery, ice caves and glaciers and beautiful ice roads that allow visitors to traverse the ice in winter. In fact, there are tours to Antarctica that can give you an amazing opportunity to see what is considered the most untouched landmass in the world. A Polar Expedition You probably picture a ship going through the ice toward the South Pole. You might even imagine seeing polar bears walking by. That's what you'll get if you go with a polar cruise. You'll get a lot of adventure, and see many things that are rare in the icy wastes of the South Po