The Most Beautiful Wedding Destinations Around The World

Getting married is one of the biggest changes in your life. It’s both wonderful and terrifying. It’s also a step further of life, one where you aren’t really sure what to do but at least you don’t get to do it alone (hopefully, haha). That’s why a lot of couples really bust out their wallets and pull out all the stops when they plan for their weddings. Because they know it will be one of the most memorable event in their lives with a bajillion pictures taken, not just from the hired photographers, but also from family members and guests who have smartphones.

Everything has to be perfect.

So what better way to help it BE perfect than by going to get married in one of the most beautiful places in the world? At least places in the world perfect for weddings.

Jamaica – Rockhouse Hotel in Negril

The idea here is to say your “I do”s suspended on a wooden bridge over crystal blue water. The place is beautiful enough for you to say it anywhere else though.

Arizona – Montelucia Resort & Spa in Scottsdale

With the cathedral and the mountains behind said cathedral, you would be hard-pressed not to pick this place for your wedding reception.

Colorado – Vail Mountain in Vail

Have your wedding at an amphitheatre in the mountains, where you are free to see the world with the wind in your hair as you stand in front of each other with the priest making your love official.

Italy – Castello Di Vicarello in Cinigiano

If you’re looking for a fairy tale style wedding, then choose a literal castle in Italy that is tucked away on a hilltop. All your dreams of marrying in a castle like a princess will come true here.

South Africa – Molenvliet Wine & Guest Estate in Stellenbosch

A vineyard-theme wedding is like something you see in Greek Mythology movies. It’s beautiful and makes you feel like you’re one of the immortal gods dining and drinking with them.

St. Lucia – Ladera in SoufriÈre

Pick a place that has the mountains, the forest and the ocean in one area. Pick that particular place in St. Lucia that looks like something made out of God’s personal art book.

Anguilla – Viceroy Anguilla in Meads Bay

A secluded and magnificent beach with a dramatic Cliffside. Talk about iconic. Now imagine having your wedding there. It’s like being in one of those dramatic television shows without the actual drama.

Bali – Alila Ubud Resort in Payangan

A mystical hillside with tropical gardens and alluring mountains. Getting married at somewhere people describe “mystical” is like getting wonderfully shoved into a fairy tale.

Oregon – Mt. Hood Organic Farms in Mount Hood

Three breath-taking mountains, a lake, woods, ponds, orchards and gardens. It’s like the perfect place to get married with all of them combined into one area. It’s a famous area for weddings.