Practical Tips When Planning a Beach Wedding in Melbourne

Tying the knot in a distant place that is far away from your home is romantic. One of the most popular places for destination weddings is Australia because of its world famous beaches. This is the perfect choice for couples who are seeking a tropical getaway experience. Just imagine you and your soon-to-be-husband exchanging vows of forever in front of a handful selected family and friends. Recently, more couples choose to destination beach wedding for a number of personal reasons:

• It is practically stress free
• No scene-stealing family drama involved
• Affordability
• Unique and unforgettable experience
• Once-in-a life time family reunion opportunity
• Start the honeymoon early
• Great background

Avalon Beach, Australia /

However, if you are planning for a beach destination wedding, it requires more than just purchasing plane tickets and booking a hotel reservation. Since we understand that planning a beach destination wedding is an exhausting task, we have rounded up some tips that will make planning easy as ABC. Read on to know how.

• Choose a convenient beach venue for your destination wedding.

It takes more than a choosing a beautiful venue to make a successful wedding. When we say convenient, it is somewhere that is easy to go to, especially for your guests who are not well-familiar with the place.

• Hire a wedding planner.

Since you are not a native in Australia, hiring a wedding planner who is familiar with the area is a wise decision. However, it is crucial to make sure to do a research background on the potential planners by checking their websites beforehand. Most of their websites include photo galleries of their previous work and decide if it is up to your standards.

• Get in touch with the hotel or resort.

If you want to make the event extra special, go for a place that offers romantic and luxurious wedding. The Brighton Savoy is one of the premier beach wedding venues in Melbourne that has a reputation for quality and reliability that is unsurpassed. They also offer excellent packages for wedding ceremonies that are perfect for beach weddings.