Chic Travelling for Mommies

Travelling can prove to be a hassle to everyone—especially for expectant mothers. One of the things that can be really tiring is choosing the right clothes to wear for the trip. Of course, your outfit will depend on a lot of factors: the kind of climate your destination has, the current weather and the nature of your trip—be it for business, research or simply leisure. For men, a suit for business trips and casual jeans and a shirt for leisure trips would already suffice the outfit needed for travelling. For women, it’s more complicated, especially for pregnant women who would not only think about how they would look like, but also the measure of comfort they would feel, provided that they are in a delicate physical state.

We will never be sure of how the temperature will be like in various stops during your trip—from the airport to your destination and back—so it is best to prepare layers for your clothing so that you wouldn’t have to worry about yourself feeling too cold or too warm. Bring a sweater in case it gets too cold, and a sun hat to wear when it gets too warm. Avoid wearing jewelry, for this may prove to be a hassle with your swollen tummy. As for footwear, make sure to wear sandals, shoes or slippers with a contoured footbed and thick soles to help prevent aches when walking. Most of all, choose clothes and accessories which make you feel good about yourself—look chic and sassy even when you’re preggy!