Tips For Fishing In The Rain

You need to be smart when you plan for a fishing trip, especially if you end up fishing in the rain. There are many things to consider if fishing in the rain is your plan. There are the tides, the water temperature, water movement, location of bait and times to fish. Knowing this, tips and secret tricks may be needed for those of you who plan to fish during the rain, or if you are eventually caught in the rain while you are already fishing.

Fish just right before the storm

Before the storm is when the most productive fishing is done. This is due to the low barometric pressure where the pressure could send fish into feeding frenzies. Everything is going to slow down while the storm is going on and will also pick right up after that passes, right when the pressure goes up again.

Wear foul weather gear for a wet weather

Getting quality waterproof gear, like top quality fishing rods, make the difference to being miserable or being comfortable during your fishing adventure. You will need to be dry and warm if you wish to be comfortable. This will allow you to fish all day. If you want to stay in a positive mind-set, then you better make this your first priority when you plan for this trip.

Use contrast and colour (and make noise)

You should know that rain will make the water all muddy, also making the visibility decrease. This will inevitably make your fishing a lot harder, since fish will be blind to seeing your baits. When you go selecting your artificial baits, go for bright colours as well as tackles that make lots of noises. Pick popping corks or crankbaits, maybe.

After the storm passes, fish the windblown shoreline

A productive feeding ground for fish is what happens when wind blows into the shoreline, where the storm pushed the shellfish and bait into it, giving you a perfect opportunity to just sit above that and fish right where the fish themselves are gathering.

Pick up the speed

See what the fish respond to by trying varying speeds or using a quicker retriever when the fish go into an aggressive feeding.

Try topwater

Active fish tend to be in shallower water to feed near the surface. You will want to fish a few feet under or below the surface, or with topwater.

Practice safety first

Just because there are a lot of good points to fishing in light rain, please remember that it is NOT in fact a good idea when lightning is present or if the surf conditions are dangerous. Stay away from lightning, okay? Make safety your top priority. It is best to fish while in a safer environment surrounded by your loved ones for a better experience. So, if you were planning on fishing and got caught up in the rain, don’t dismiss it. Rains and storms help with your productivity.