Realistic, Easy-to-Stick Travel Resolutions

It’s the New Year, and we welcome it with a blast. The New Year is classically seen as a fresh start, so, people draft their new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, people make such ambitious resolutions that are very difficult or even impossible to accomplish. For instance, an obese, sedentary guy may have a new year’s resolution of eating more vegetable dishes and exercising regularly. However, just a week or two into his “resolution,” he finds sticking to such a promise too exhaustive and difficult. As a result, he drifts into his former unhealthy habits.

Thankfully, for us travellers, our resolutions regarding traveling are easier to keep than that of someone who wants to diet. The key thing to remember here is to be realistic about the resolutions. Here are some resolutions that you should have no problem sticking to.

New Year Travel Resolutions

1. Take advantage of the vacation days that your company entitles you to take.

According to a recent study by the online travel agency Expedia, companies give each employee an average of 14 days of vacation annually. However, Expedia found out that employees only use around 10 of those days. And if you want to go specifics, check this alarming finding: French citizens use none of their 30 vacation leaves! And you already know the result of not having to take a break—stress, exhaustion, burn-downs, etc. Surprisingly, many people still feel deprived of vacations even if they have a number of relaxation days available for them.

So, this year, make a change and use those vacation days. Remember, that’s part of your right as an employee. Reward yourself with an experience you’d love looking back to. For instance, you may have been meaning to experience the so-called “alternative lifestyle” of Byron Bay. You’ve been imagining yourself strolling through the streets lined with small colourful shops and dining spots. This unique ambiance that makes this town so endearing is all yours to experience. As for an accommodation Shirley Street Byron Bay offers, there’s a lot of recommendable places. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

2. Explore something new at home.

There’s always an unexplored nook in your hometown, city, province, or country.I lived in Kansas for 20 years, but I always see to it that I discover something new within a month or two. Following this principle, I was able to discover a lovely cliff suited for sport climbing, magnificent yet hidden multi-cascade waterfalls just a couple of miles away from the city where I live, a series of evergreen-covered peaks that I consider one of the best venues for camping, and others. Discovering something new right in your backyard is surely refreshing and exciting to the spirit.

3. Stay disconnected.

You won’t be able to enjoy your vacation if you keep on checking your company e-mails, logging in your social networking accounts, updating yourself on your stocks, studying your lessons, or even continuously updating your parents where you are. Turn off that laptop, tablet, or smart phone and fully immerse in your holiday. Think about it; you filed a leave so you can get off from the world and have some me-time. So why would you take the world with you?

Vowing to abide by these three New Year traveller’s resolutions is not so difficult, is it? They’re perfectly doable, and I assure you, your vacations will be a whole lot better and more memorable.