Tips For Solo Travellers Who Want To Have A Unique Adventure In Chiang Mai

If you have never traveled solo before, then you may consider having a tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most people who have had Chiang Mai tours talk about the incredibly friendly people offering a lot of fun for solo travelers. Traveling solo in Chiang Mai is easy as the place is geared for tourists with its overwhelming tourism sites.

Some of the common places people explore when taking Chiang Mai tours are:

Wat Prathat Doi Suthep – This mountaintop temple is a must see for any person visiting Chiang Mai.

Doi Pui – A small village which is a home for the traditional hill tribe.

Doi Inthanon – The highest peak in Thailand. It is surrounded by the national park that provides some natural wonders.

Wat Chedi Luang – A structure constructed in 1401 offers remarkable tourism site.

Wat Phra Singh – The temple stands at the heart of the city. Always a major tourist attraction.

Chiang Mai Gate Market – This is the best place to find wonderful street food.

Sunday Walking Street – This is the place for eating and shopping enthusiasts. You try and go early if you are not a crowded place person.

Night Bazaar – It’s a nice place for shopping. It attracts many tourists

Documentary Arts Asia – This is a gallery place holding regular documents together with Asian screening.

Elephant Nature Park – You can spend your day volunteering with the elephants

Tiger Kingdom – Draws a lot of tourists coz of the time with one of the most predators in the world.

Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls – The environment surrounding the waterfall is very peaceful and relaxing. You are also able to walk up the falls.

Huay Tung Tao – The place is surrounded by hills and a lake to swim in. It is one of the best places to enjoy the sun

Eakachai Houseboat at Mae Ngat Dam – The floating houses offer a very good scenery. The bungalows can only be reached by boat.

Tips During Your Stay in Chiang Mai

1. If you are planning to see the top tourist attractions, the best place to stay while in Chiang Mai is near the walled old city. It is a wonderful place to explore on foot. There are many wonderful hotels.

2. Chiang Mai a little bit cooler than other southern Thailand destination. Carry with you some sweater or light jacket. But this can also be purchased in the city at a bargain price.

3. Cover-up. Chiang Mai city is full of monks and old people. It is not cool running around with your bikini very place.

4. Talk to the natives. They are very friendly and can make your stay in the city memorable.

5. Carry enough cash or check your credit card limit before embarking on the journey. This will assure you of enjoying the stay in the city without worry.

In conclusion, your experience in Chiang Mai as a solo traveler will be unforgettable if you plan and organize yourself well. If not sure of some of the issues, involve tour operators to facilitate your travel.