Going Solo, Fun Travelling While Alone

You would think that you would be feeling lonely and bored if you would be going off on your own. What most people don’t know is that you can actually have more fun if you were just by your lonesome. Well, we say “lonesome” when you wouldn’t even be feeling lonely despite the fact that you would be alone on your trip.

Aside from the amount of people and possible new friends you will be meeting along the way, you can do a lot of things you wouldn’t be able to do if you were with someone from back home. However, before all that, here are some tips for travelling by yourself.

Before Leaving

Of course, you would have to save some money before you actually go off, right? Save enough money for the transport, the amount of days, the food you’ll be eating, the places you’ll be staying and so on. Be financially prepared and know your budget personally. It would be a disaster to be short on money, unless you have a freelance job that you can take with you anywhere and get paid anywhere in the world for it, then you should be free to just travel for about a year and not have to come back. At least, that’s definitely one of my own goals at this point. To not have a home for a year and just work while travelling around the world.

You should also decide on a destination (or destinations) before you leave, so you can book for the inns or hotels there in advance and calculate your money. Pick a country that suits your fancy at the money and one that your budget can handle easily.

Make sure you have travel insurance, by the way. It could save you just in case.

Pack light and book for the solo-friendly accommodations so you wouldn’t have to pay extra for the rooms that are supposed to host more than one. Packing light also lets you be more mobile. You could be more flexible in your trip if your backpack is just a single one with all the necessities in there.

Protect and be careful with your identity. Being out there and on the road, you wouldn’t know which area is safe and which isn’t. Be careful with the public Wi-Fi you are using and maybe use a VPN instead. People could get a hold of your information. You might as well say goodbye to your online banking if you don’t take any precaution about your personal information.

Being Out There

Explore the world and try everything if you can but lay low too. You don’t need to be flashy or attract so many unwanted attention, unless you wish to be robbed. Have fun, yes, but be low-key about it. Study the map all the time so you don’t get lost and learn the landmarks as well as the police stations so you know where to go in case of emergencies. Always be patient, proactive and most of all, be adaptable.