Traveling In Search Of The World’s Most Beautiful Tree

A lot of us travel for the leisure and pleasure. Some even do it because of their want to learn more and maybe see more this world has to offer. You could say that this one in particular is a little mix of both. This has something to do with the need to see the world’s most beautiful trees, mainly because most, if not all, of these trees don’t even exist in our general area. And what better way to get more acquainted with nature than to actively look for these magnificent beauties?

Of course, it should be known fact that we humans shouldn’t even touch these beautiful specimens. The need to learn is all it should be.

Angel Oak Tree In Charleston, South Carolina

This particular Oak is big. Like, really big. The branches reach so high as if they were trying to protect you from the sky. Which makes sense since this 400 year old tree’s branches go every which way and can shade more than just 17,000 square feet. When I travel to South Carolina, this is going to be the first thing I would search for. Mainly because I want to see what kind of a beautifully monstrous tree this actually is.

Pando Tree in Fishlake National Forest, Utah

This one is a single organism that is dependent on one underground root system. Doesn’t look like it, huh? Especially when it looks like a yellow forest most of the time. Despite it looking like a forest, it actually is just one single organism that is almost 80,000 years old. Going out to go looking for this quaking aspen would be a treat. I, myself, have never seen a tree (or a bunch of trees) that are fully yellow.

Gingko Tree next to the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple, Zhongnan Mountains

Gingko Biloba trees are known to be really big and would produce leaves that turn yellow and then fall all over the ground, making the surrounding look like a yellow ocean. I personally want to grow one in my own backyard, however before that, I have to visit the one that’s been living for 1,400 years back in the Zhongnan Mountains. Maidenhair, as it’s sometimes called, is what we call a living fossil, since it has been on this planet ever since the dinosaurs were still alive. Amazing, isn’t it? That Gingko tree in the Zhongnan Mountains has been here so long already. If there ever was an immortal out there, it would be that tree.

You would have to be a complete loon to go to many countries just to see trees. Luckily for the world, we are only so very rare. People who would willingly leave their home just to see the world and what it has to offer. We learn things as we enjoy life.